MARCH 2023 Favorites

Hi Friends! This spring is just flying by and I really need a vacation like pronto! Trying to get my husband to take time off is like trying to pull teeth on a rabid coon. I wanted to pop on here to share a few goodies I have been loving lately and as always I hope you enjoy.

  1. Checkered Vans: I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking Shayla these are not new. Yes, I know that however, my first pair of slip on vans was back in high school and they were black and white polka dots. I loved the heck outta all my vans and I wanted to get another classic slip on which will forever be the black and white checkered slip ons. Always iconic and always on point. You just can’t go wrong.
  2. Ilia Super Serum: I have always been pretty keen to choose cleaner and healthier options when it comes to beauty. I also do not wear a ton of makeup and most the time the only time I do wear it is on the weekends because as a trainer I def dont want to be putting makeup on at 3:30am haha This was recommended to me by a friend and I fell in love the instant I tried it! So light and blends so easily! I will be wearing this all summer long!
  3. Thrive Mascara: Another cleaner beauty product I wanted to try and now have converted to is the Thrive Mascara. I get pop up adds constantly on social media and my mom has been using this for a couple years now and she loves it! It instantly lengthens the lashes and I am now a convert. I have almost their full makeup line and all of it is amazing!
  4. Project Hive Dog disc: This neat toy is a new favorite of the girls. It smells delicious and doubles as a lick mat and frisbee all in one. I love that this toy is interactive and helps save the bees. Every purchase goes towards establishing healthy wildflower habitats for the bees! 🙂 Love that! They are also made in the USA which is even better!
  5. Levis Jean Jacket: Here’s another classic throwback for you. The classic Levis trucker jean jacket. I am going to be honest with you I have never owned a jean jacket before until now and I do not know what was holding me back but now I want a white jean jacket too! So comfy and actually warm. I was expecting it to be itchy or stiff but it is so comfortable and I love my new jean jacket!

Thats all the favorites for right now! I promise I won’t be so late next time. 🙂

Until next month 🙂



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