February Favorites 2023

Guys they are here! The February favorites round up! Hope you all enjoy!

Sweatshirt Dress: If you have been following me for a while then you know I have many dresses from Elizabeth Wilson. Her southern style charm hooks me in every time. This dress is so soft and comfy you could literally dress it up or down and be cozy all day long in it. I got my normal size XS and it fits great!

Cowgirl Blazer: I have never owned a blazer before, this is a first for me and I am totally stoked to style this with my outfits. I have a skirt with the same print on it and I had to snag the blazer as well.

Hair on Hide Belt: I recently discovered this artist a few months ago and I purchased a bag for my birthday which is just stunning. When I saw that she opened up making made to order custom belts I snagged one up right away. I love how thin and dainty it is compared to all my chunky belts I have. I got the beige color since I have alot of black and dark colored belts. This one is perfect for spring and summer!

Equigroom Brush: I have tried every brush under the sun when it comes to grooming my fur baby Lulu. She is so difficult to keep up with all the shedding year round. I had seen on instagram another Klee Kai being groomed with this brush and Y’all let me tell you it works soooo well. She even rolls onto her back so she can be brushed with it, thats how much she enjoy it. I usually have to pin her down to brush her extensively but she really enjoys this brush a lot. It has a small fine tooth blade in it that drags out the dead hair just hanging out up in there.

Fenty Lipgloss: I was heavily influenced one day on the gram about this lipgloss and particular shade so I decided to give it a go. I enjoy wearing lip products because I dont wear a ton of makeup so that little extra ummph the gloss or color adds can extenuate my look a ton! This gloss I am actually wearing right now. It’s highly moisturizing, not sticky or clumpy at all and does not become tacky after wearing it for a while. I got the shade Fu$$y, it is a slightly shimmery mauve pink. A great year round color with a shine!

Well thats all she wrote for february favs.



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