Hello, Hello again! I promise I did not forget this months favorites post. I am sure there are some of you who have been waiting patiently for this to be done. So thank you for hanging tight while I get my sh*t together haha. It seems like there is always something going on and nothing to do all at the same time, which makes no sense but hey 2020 has been a weird year.

Every year I have chosen to do family photos with my little family of Corbin and I with our fur child Lulu. We both actually have so much fun doing them and we really enjoy the memories to look back on. We wanted summer time photos so we did them in September before the leaves and colors started to change. I really love how they turned out too! I can’t show too many of them because they are for cards here are a couple. (scroll to bottom to see another)

I am one of those young bucks who loves paper snail mail and getting cards. So naturally I love mailing thanksgiving cards and Christmas cards etc. Yes don’t judge, I do both. But hey who doesn’t love going to the mailbox to find something special rather than getting a bill or junk mail.

We also had some friends over for a fun weekend of hiking and good food. We always enjoy getting outdoors and thats one of the many things we love about Colorado, is the endless activities year round. And now without further ado we get to the good stuff. My favorites!

If you have been following me for a while you already know, BUT if you’ve never read one of these posts, let me explain.  I like to take an inventory of my favorite things I have stumbled upon each month and share them with you all! It will be open to anything and all things – no exceptions!

If you end up taking my advice (which come on girl, why wouldn’t you?!) and purchase or use any of the items below – TAG ME in them! I want to see you out there being the BadAss Babes that you all are!

  1. Head Band : Jumping on the Lele Sadoughi headband trend wagon here but staying pretty neutral with the color. That way I can wear it with basically anything. I picked the faux leather because it was edgy but cute and could be dressed up or down. It is by far hands down the most comfortable headband I own. It does not squeeze your head or give you a headache after an hour of wearing it.
  2. Perfume : This is my new winter and fall scent. The Tom Ford Ombre Leather is a warm and spicy little number that is sure to light your fire. With its violet leaf, cardamom top notes and middle notes of leather. It evokes the smell of a strong and confident woman. I will say that I had been saving my Ulta Points for a long time and I had over $63 dollars in points to spend which is A LOT of points. Tom Ford is definitely an investment when it comes to anything but I believe its well worth it. I have been told that certain perfumes can link to memories in your brain and when you smell them you remember something that the smell reminds you of. I have had my eye on my next spring scent and summer scent and I think this one is a keeper for many years to come as it is not too young or old of a scent. ”Ombré Leather is a deeply textural scent that imprints you with a tactile sensuality. It makes one feel different, beautiful and desired.” – TOM FORD 
  3. Lotion: Okay so this Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has been hyped up for years and there’s a reason why it is. It’s the literally the best most moisturizing body lotion with a lovely warm coconutty smell to it. Love it! and even though its a little pricey it is totally worth the splurge and your skin will thank you.
  4. Designer Inspired T-Shirt : So the trend right now is all about graphic tees and If you know me I like to be a little outside the box when it comes to fashion so I found a graphic tee that works perfectly for that. This Hermès inspired graphic tee is not your average Rolling Stones or band tee. It’s a little bit of casual chic to add just the right amount of comfort and style! Dress it up or down and you have yourself a very cute outfit with out spending designer prices on a t-shirt lol because that would be just dumb.
  5. Shower Cap: Okay so once upon a time Corbin came home and said “hey babe I got a surprise for you”….. I always used to complain about my hair getting wet when I would just hop in the shower to wash up. So one day he brought me home a shower cap. Hilarious, I know but sweet because he thought of me. I typically only wash my hair once or twice a week max and I always use a shower cap. This Dry Bar shower cap has been a total game changer for me. It doesn’t let any water in and the nice Terry cloth on the inside keeps my hair from getting frizzy on the inside. I also really like that I can have a really high bun and it still covers everything. I have found in the past that when I put hair in a bun other shower caps only cover the top of the head and then the back of my heck and forehead baby hairs are exposed.

Well folks thats a wrap!

See ya next month,


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