OCTOBER Favorites

Ahhhhh October! My FAVORITE month of the year because its my birthday month! I am one of those people who loves to celebrate their bday all month long, It’s a great excuse to shop for things you want 😉 You can always pull the hey it’s my birthday card.

For my birthday my mom made me the most fabulous taco and Mexican food fiesta with alllll the fixings and it was amazing! To top it off my in-laws had a birthday cake made from the bakery that made our wedding cake and it was delicious. All of its lemony raspberry goodness with the buttercream frosting is like a slice of heaven in your mouth.

Besides my birthday we didn’t get to do a whole lot. I did however, make my annual chinoiserie halloween sugar cookies which are always amazing and sooo hard to make but so worth the final end results. They turn out beautiful each time and I feel like one of those cookie artists who charge and arm and a leg for fancy cookies. Once I finished my cookies it inspired my very first needlepoint canvas and I even started my own Etsy Shop!

If you know me at all, I love all things grand-millennial and I will post more on what exactly that is later. I have always enjoyed doing all types of needlework and I was fortunate enough to have my grandmother teach me at a very young age. Just recently I picked it back up in the past year or so and haven’t stopped! My husband kept on telling me that I needed to make my own canvases to sell because I love it so much. So I finally one day sat down and got er’ done! I now have a bunch of new designs that I am dying to paint and get listed but for now I have my gorgeous pumpkin ornament up on the site.

If you want to check out my Etsy shop you can click the link here for shaylafaithdesigns My amazingly artistic sister who is a graphic designer helped me with my logo and tadaaaa I have an Etsy shop! Keep in mind that I am just getting started so there is only one listing as of now with limited quantities. I hope to continue to grow and design at least one new canvas a month right now and I am so excited to share this journey with you.

If you have been following me for a while you already know, BUT if you’ve never read one of these posts, let me explain.  I like to take an inventory of my favorite things I have stumbled upon each month and share them with you all! It will be open to anything and all things – no exceptions!

If you end up taking my advice (which come on girl, why wouldn’t you?!) and purchase or use any of the items below – TAG ME in them! I want to see you out there being the BadAss Babes that you all are!

  1. Etsy Earrings : This was a find that I actually stumbled across from another person that I follow on Instagram and I typically love all her suggestions, So I went for it. @pretty_little_buttons on insta sells these darling authentic luxury buttons that she turns into jewelry! Her store on Etsy is called LDW Boutique and she updates what she sells weekly due to constantly having different vintage designer buttons to work with. Sourcing them can be a little tough though if you want the exact same one as someone else. Not only does she do earrings but necklaces, cuff links, hats, etc. I chose the bamboo Chanel style which I really like how elegant and palm beach chic they are.
  2. Supple Leopard Book : This book was a great resource in College years ago and yet I never owned it. Now I need it because both the hubs and I are literally falling apart all the time and I love Dr. Kelly Starretts Approach to mobility and recovery. I have been in pain due to many injuries and training over the years and I typically go back to the basics with this book every time I need a little extra recovery. Does it feel good NO not at all! But the pain is so worth the reward after when your Ligaments and muscles move correctly!
  3. Kimono Top: So If you have been following me for a while then you know I love to support small businesses especially women run businesses. Brooke Wright Designs is a designer in Fort Worth TX that I have been buying from for a few years now! I have several of her Kimono Tops and a few dresses too! Each season she comes out with a new line of fabric designs and they are always so hard to choose which one I want because they are all so good! These kimonos are a one size fits all and I love the flow fit they have.
  4. Fruit Bowl : Okay so I have a slight addiction to collecting the brand Mud Pie serving ware. It all started with our wedding when my great aunt got me tonssssss of serving pieces to start a collection. Now I’m hooked and love to find new and hilarious dishes to add to the collection. The best part is that they are all simple creamy off white ceramic dishes so they go with just about everything. My family always loves when I pull out the “fancy” serve ware, and we all get a good laugh from the silly sayings on each of them.
  5. Blonde. Angel. Wash: This is a lavender infused, purple shampoo that will banish brassy tones – from creamy to platinum, with the help of added optical brighteners rescues dull colour – taking it from drab back to fab. Also, the smell is incredible and the packaging is made from recycled plastic waste from the ocean!

Welp folks that’s all for the month of October. Not a whole lot of stuff has been going on because there isn’t a lot to do these days. Feel free to go and favorite my Etsy shop so that you can get updates on when I list new items! I can’t wait to share all my designs with you!

Until next month!


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