My Kitchen from the 80s

Back in the day I think that my kitchen must have been pretty badass with the double oven and the trash compactor but now all I want to do is rip it all out and have a clean fresh kitchen but sadly…. its a rental.  Our kitchen for a one bedrooms apartment is actually a full size kitchen. Which I’m thankful for because I love to cook and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Plus after getting married I needed a place to put all of our nice new wedding gifts.  No more Walmart and dollar store college special! Hello adult married life. Continue reading

Palm Beach Chic on a Budget

Hello again you beautiful people! I promised I would write about my living and dining area and here it is.  This space was such a difficult area to work with because it is a tiny rectangle of a room and its not very big at all. Like I’m talking itty bitty.  It doesn’t help that my husband thinks its a great idea to keep our mountain bikes in the room too.  He doesn’t trust leaving them anywhere else.   Continue reading

Pink and Green Errthang!



I have recently come to love love love decorating and color!    What the heck is with everyone decorating with all these drab neutral colors. Like its so blah and no life in it at all.  I won’t lie to you and say I didn’t jump on that band wagon a few years ago but I found a new love for bright and happy colors!  bright pinks and kelly green, lime and orange oooooh and bold black and white! Huzzahhhh!  Color makes the heart happy! Continue reading

Moving Across the Country

First of all who the heck in their right mind moves across the country 5 months after they get married? I mean come on they say the first year is hard but lets just see how hard we can make it….am I right?

My husband Corbin and I got this wild hair one day and decided lets just pack up all our stuff and go.  When else in our lives are we going to be able to be so flexible and do something so spontaneous.  So that is just what we did.  We packed a moving truck up and drove 16 hours to San Antonio Texas.  In the dead heat of the summer………who does that?!?!?! 100 plus degrees and tons of humidity.  Everyone thinks we are crazy and maybe we are a little but who cares. Continue reading





Back to life back to reality ………….Wow it has been quite some time since I have written anything on here and I apologize. Life just happens sometimes.  Since My last post I have traveled the country, gotten married, and right now about to make some huge life changing decisions.  I got certified as a personal trainer and I have done so much over the past two years I don’t even know where to begin.   I guess I will try and go back to a few things but for now I will start with getting MARRIED.  Thats right you heard me, the girl who said she would never get married, got married.  I love my hubs more than anything and I would not have it any other way.      I will get to posting our engagement and our wedding here soon but for now I wanted to let you all know that Im back and ready for action! Continue reading

Sunday Day 28: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous Final Day!

Well the time has finally come! It is here! I have done it! YEW YEW! I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and getting it done! I have grown and learned so much from this program! Cant wait to do it again soon!

Todays word of the day: Unstoppable

Todays Mantra: There is NOTHING I can’t do!

Morning Bootycall: Well today I switched it up and actually went paddle boarding with my girl today! It was soon much fun!


BE FIT Challenge: Rock it like you mean it!………….Instead of this cardio session I went on a 10 mile mountain bike ride and absolutely rocked it! We did blue sky trail and had a great time! Riding my mountain bike is more my style of cardio.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Make your plan…….. well since I have a membership to 24 I am going to the gym all the time which is great! My next goals for my body is to reduce cellulite appearance and lean out my rear end and thighs some more. I think continuing with cardio will help. I also plan on going to quite a few classes with my girl Rachael at 24 because she got a membership too!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Favorite Be Fabulous Challenges……. I think the be fabulous challenges were some of my favorite for this program.  Every single one of the Challenges was fun and pampering in some way, which to be honest I really needed badly.  I learned to take more time for myself and make sure I am doing everything in my power to be the best me possible!

I am soon extremely happy that I completed this program. I am a better person for doing it and I fell in love with the way K+K do their programs! I can’t wait to start another one! YaY for me! 🙂

Cheers but not for long! I have lots in store for you guys!

Saturday Day 27: Fit Fierce, and Fabulous!

Hey everyone! Oh my gosh I cannot believe I am almost done with this program! I have really enjoyed it a ton and I cant wait to do it again sometime soon! 🙂

Todays word of the day: Proud

Todays Mantra: I have so many accomplisments to celebrate!

Morning bootycall: Well I bet you can guess that one! haha my walk with my girl Lulu!

BE FIT Challenge: The Victory Lap………………well I walked and worked all day long in Denver for a family freind and I walked miles and miles in 85 degree weather so I called that my workout because I sweated and worked really hard all day long.  I didnt stop moving once from 8am-7pm.  It was a good day and I will do this Victory lap the following week just to say Ive done it!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Rack up your victories……………… we go!


When I first started this program, Physically I felt…. sluggish and lazy and not myself.  I was ready for something to kick my butt back in gear.

Today I feel….. Amazing and much more in shape than I was before I started this journey 27 days ago. I dont feel bloated as much and altogether more energized.

My energy level at the begining was….. about a 5, somedays it was good and some days I just didnt feel up to anything!

Today my level is…….most the time a 10 or a 9 depending on how much I did the day before!

On day one my measurements were……arms 11, waist 26, thigh 21, booty 36.

Today they are………well I did not change that much because It was not like I had a bunch of weight to lose or anything but I definitly feel more confident in my own skin.  My measurements now are……arms 1o, waist 25, thigh 19.5, booty 35 and I Weigh 115lbs which has not changed.

The things I struggled with in the begining but now feel like they are doable is the cardio workouts.  I hate cardio especially running! UGH but I like the cardio workouts they put in the book it spiced things up a bit and I can do them better now.


On day one I felt these emotions………lazy, upset, slacker, sluggish.

Today I feel….like a new girl! I feel happy and excited each day again!


In the spirit of love I have grown in these ways…… I feel like I am more loving and caring towards all.

Generosity…….I want to help and do things for people and I just want to give poeple gifts and hugs!

Joy…….. I am happier in general, I thing about making peoples days brighter and I try to make someones day each day!

Beauty……. I spend more time on myself, I do care what I look like inside and out and I want to make sure I am taking the best care of myself as I can!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Reward Yourself………..I got myself some new Lululemon leggings and a pair of stance socks and All natural Beauty Counter products that I have been wanting for a really long time! I also had a ton of Chips and Salsa with dinner because it is my guilty pleasure and I earned it! Both Corbin and I love chips and salsa and can go through a ton in one sitting we have to watch ourselves!

I guess I am most proud of myself because I told myself I would do this 28 day program and blog about it and I did it! I accomplished just that! That alone has motivated me to continue to blog and become a health coach online!

Fab Food of the Day!: Garlic………………Add this stuff to your food to add some flavor! I love love love garlic on and in just about anything!

YEW! Tomorrow is the last day!


Friday Day 26: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!


Todays Word of the Day: Radiant

Todays Mantra: I am a glowing beam of love and joy

Morning Bootycall: Of course my morning walk with Lulu!

BE FIT Challenge: Active Rest Day…………………..well I actually did HIIT the High Note because I didnt do it yesterday.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Revel, Record, Radiate…………………. I have absolutely love this program and I would definitly do it again in the near future! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a little soul searching and a great mind and body rejuevenation!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Get the Eternal Sunshine Shimmer…………………I always wear a little sparkle on me somewhere! today I wore a pretty sparkly eye liner!  I am always looking for something new and shiny to wear and flaunt my stuff!

Fab Food of the Day: Flaxseeds……………….so good for you! Omega 3’s!

Thursday Day 25: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Todays word of the day: Inspired

Todays Mantra: Magic and Wonder are all around me.

Morning Bootycall: My usual morning walk with my Lulu girl.

BE FIT Challenge: HIIT the high note………….well I didnt end up doing this because I got home really late and I wanted to hang out with my dog so I made this day my active rest day. instead of tomorrow.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Seek Out Your Sparkle…………………..My sparkle is when I am on a boat in the summer time. Obviously it is not boat weather outside so I Think my sparkle has to be snuggling up with a good book and a candle lit or something.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Fire up your immagination………………….I opened up the current book that  I am reading at the moment. Its called My Fight Your Fight by Ronda Rousey and it is a great motivator!

Fab food of the day: Mint………….This is known as an appetite  supressant because the scent and flavor help reduce cravings. I LOVE ALL THINGS MINT!

Talk to yall tomorrow!

Wednesday Day 24: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Well first day at work was a success! yay! It felt good to be working and making some money.  Except I was worried about Lulu alllll freakin day long! I cant imagine how mothers feel when they have to leave their children all day.  Mine is just a dog and I was worried sick all day!   So I made up for it by taking her to the dog park for two hours right when I got home. She loves it because she has a little mini Aussie that she plays with and they are the perfect size!


Todays word of the day: Strong

Todays Mantra: I am mighty. I am strong. I am FIERCE!

Bootycall: Well my walk was a little short today because it was my first day at work be we got it in none the less and it was freezing and raining brrrrrrrr, Lulu loves the cold though!

BE FIT Challenge: Rock it like you mean it!………………….I did this one after dinner after work and after the dog park at around 8pm! No excuses people! get er done!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Take a Bad Habit Holiday……………….just for today tackle that bad habit and make and effort more than usual.   I made it a point to not bite my nails at work today even though I really wanted to.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Find your power symbol………………….I have a photo of Christmas Abbott and Dana Lynn Bailey who are two BAD ASS B***TCHES! They Motivate me daily when I am getting dressed each day!   I would love to have some empowering signs above my vanity.  I think I will go buy some canvas and make one this weekend.   I am in need of a doterra order here soon so I will order cedarwood,sage and ylang ylang to help fortify strength.  I am going to wear a scarf to work tomorrow that is purple because its my power color!    Everyday use something that inspires you to be the powerhouse that you are.    I am FIERCE!

“though she be but little she is fierce”   I love that mantra! I want it engraved on a mantra band!

Fab Food Of the Day: Quinoa……… I really enjoy hot quinoa with salmon or some chicken I think with a lot of grass fed butter it is amazing!  It is a complete protein and is rich in iron to keep those blood cells healthy and packed with magnesium.

Well thats all folks!